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summer goal list

 this has sprung from the sad realization that if i want to accomplish ANYTHING this summer, i need to make it into a task list of things to finish before school starts back up. so, without further ado: 

  • Misery by Stephen King 
  • Rant by Chuck Palaniuk 
  • A Clockwork Orange 
  • original Star Wars trilogy 
  • Pokemon Black 2 
  • Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 
  • Karneval 
  • Psycho Pass 
  • Sword Art Online 
  • Doom Patrol v. 1 
miscellaneous life accomplishments: 
  • learn at least two (2) more songs on guitar 
  • get into better shape 
  • organize my room 
for right now, i'll pretend that this is all going to get done, and maybe that will help me ACTUALLY do it. this probably doesn't look like much, but for the queen of procrastination, it's going to be tough.