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so, uh

 remember that whole "i'm playing a game of roulette with stubhub and waiting for cheap fall out boy tickets" thing? yeah, it's still going on. and my show is.... let's see. friday. 

instant download tickets right now are $79 + $5, so $84. and jesus. i seriously cannot pay that much. i mean, i would pay $74. but not $84. i just can't afford it. i owe my dad tons of money and i'm also considering all of the cash i'm going to blow at Warped. 

the cheapest thing right now is a UPS ticket which is $50 + $17, so $67, which is a lot better. but it says it would arrive on thursday. should i do this? like, there's a super high chance that it (A) is fake and (B) won't arrive by thursday, and in both cases i would be royally fucked. 

my mother is encouraging me to keep waiting for the instant download tickets to get cheaper. there are 13 instant download GA tickets left. and now i'm getting to anxious about it that i'm fucking crying and i feel sick. not the best way to start out a week, especially one that's supposed to be great.