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 although not really. just a few things. 

i have now been home from Seattle for a week, and about 3/4 of that has been spent watching Friends reruns, sleeping, or rereading books that i've already read ten times. completely ignoring the fifteen new books i bought in Seattle along with World War Z, which i am determined to finish before i see the movie next week. 

i'm seeing fall out boy a week from tomorrow and i am ecstatic. let's just not touch on how i haven't even purchased my ticket yet. stubhub and i are in a wonderful game of roulette. seriously, i am not paying $90 to see them, just like how they're not going to be charing $90 when it comes to be two days before the show and they still have tickets to get rid of. but i am going for sure. i already have the hotel room and everything. also, as it's a three hour drive to st. louis and i can't be there at the crack of dawn, i have two friends who will be there and promised to get me an early entrance wristband when they get theirs. oh, how i love people. sometimes. when they're my friends. 

oh! and i've also made it to the fourth dungeon on Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the 3DS, which i am very proud of.