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movie review: Now You See Me

 okay, so, when i posted on friday night, i said that i would probably review Now You See Me on saturday. the reason it took this long was because i went to see it again. um. 

first of all, i absolutely LOVED this movie. i think they had the perfect cast. seriously. jesse eisenberg plays Daniel Atlas, the main magician who is both a smartass and totally adorable. i love him so much, ugh. he's very, "look at me, i am a badass magician" throughout the whole thing. they constantly refer to him as a "control freak." jesse eisenberg also plays Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network, who is... almost EXACTLY the same type of character. they had him nailed. 

another one of the main characters was Henley, who has both an interesting name and an interesting character. i really like her, but i feel in some parts they definitely degrade her for being a woman. so. uh. that's probably the only bad part of this movie. 

oh, and there was also this little bb magician Jack, who is super adorable and spends most of the movie trying to get the rest of them to treat him like an adult. he fakes his death, which i am proud to say i realized was fake. also, the second time around, i noticed that his Horseman card is Death. wow, foreshadowing much? 

i actually can't believe that i picked up on Dylan being the guy behind all of it. from the beginning, i was like, "it'll be the guy who's the most unlikely to be it," which is what they do in most movies. and who else would that be but the cop chasing the magicians? i thought it was REALLY cool how they tied everything together- the insurance company, the bank, the safe company, morgan freeman. and it was all connected to the magician who they mentioned a few times, lionel shrike. more foreshadowing. 

reading reviews online and in the paper, the biggest thing that people didn't like about this movie was that they couldn't tell if the things being done were actual magic tricks or just movie special affects. um. i get where these people are coming from, but... really? was it that big of an issue that you would need to knock down its rating for it? 

i'd give this movie a 9/10, probably. it was just as good if not better the second time around. loved it a lot.