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awful stuff and awesome stuff

 to start with the bad:

-my laptop broke. i don't even feel like going into detail about it, but let's just say it happened within minutes of when i finished my beta work on a bbb fic. before i saved it. wonderful.

-Mikey's new band. um. wow, i'm too much of a bitter old woman to even be happy for him. i guess the way my mind is going (and a lot of other people's, i'm assuming?) is that they didn't want to be in a band, so they broke up, right? not really. because they're all making music, excluding gerard. so it's really that they just... didn't want to be in MCR (and we could go on for hours about how Frank probably DID still want to be, but whatever).

-i'm in seattle, which is good, but also bad because my aunt and uncle work almost every goddamn day (from super super early until late evening) and so i have absolutely no way of getting anywhere. so i'm pretty much stranded in a freezing house all day. but it's still wonderful because i'm getting writing done and they have really fast internet.


-i just saw Now You See Me in theatres (seriously, "just," because i walked in the door about two minutes before i started typing this). um. i am going to have to make a movie log post about this tomorrow, because i have a LOT of thoughts, most of which will need to be under a spoiler cut. note that it is under the "good," though. 

-i'm meeting my tumblr friend Sarah tomorrow and i am really, really excited. however, i am having this serious girl freakout moment in which i have no clue what to wear. um. i am going to see a friend. who i know from the internet. at the mall. not really a great cause for anxiety, but then again, not many situations are, and yet it still happens. every. day.

-i'm in seattle! as was mentioned before. this is really good, though, guys. i didn't realize how much until i got here, but i NEEDED this. i needed to get out of bumfuck, illinois. we've only really been able to do things at night, but that still gave me some time at some awesome restaurants and also this used book store in which i spent about $60 (on USED books. do you realize how many books that is?! i have to ship them back because they won't fit in my suitcase). also, tonight we went to this restaurant called The Rock, which is a pizza place based on classic rock stuff. it was seriously the coolest place EVER and they also have possibly the greatest pizza i've ever eaten. and our waittress was really cool and put 14 cherries in my Shirley Temple (i counted). 

stay classy. xx