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Anime Central 2013

i'm staring at the superlong post i made on tumblr about this, and jesus fucking christ, it's long. this is a bit more condensed. 

so, i'm just going to touch up on a few highlights of the day

1) the artist alley. woah. this isn't my first ACen, but it's still freakin' amazing. i seriously cannot believe some of these artists. how do i talent, seriously. 

2. Zombie Survival 101. so, i expected this to just be a fun, laid-back panel, but i was wrong. it was very srsbsn non-hypothetical zombie situations. and all of the panel runners were cosplaying as Resident Evil characters, which was sort of awesome. we had to leave a little bit early, but it was still AMAZING. i feel like i am a lot more prepared for the apocalypse now. also, i really want to read the Zombie Survival Guide along with World War Z. maybe i'll get them for the plane. 

3) all of the Jack Frost cosplayers. be still my heart. 

a LOT more happened on saturday (possibly because we were there for a lot longer)

1) Gurren Lagann: The Anime that Pierced the Heavens. fuck, i miss ttgl. i really want to re-watch it soon now. this was a super fun panel. one of the panel runners was a Kamina cosplayer who made jokes about his own death and took a shot of brandy every time they had a technical difficulty (which was often).

2) Murderous Fun. i think that the guy running this panel either loved or HATED me. i came up with a lot of good questions, i like to think. even though i never guessed the EXACT method of killing, i think i was pretty close. this was a lot of fun.

3) The Saddest Moments in Anime History. in line, we were all making jokes about crying in it, but i actually DID. we watched things from Ano Hana, Angel Beats!, and Madoka Magica that broke my heart all over again. it was still fun, though. nostalgia moments.

4) ice cream. i got ice cream four times, i think. which is super weird for me, because i never eat stuff like that. but COME ON, it was an ice cream truck. which i've never seen before. i was a little kid. 

5) mike. aka the most amazing Link cosplayer ever and also the only Link cosplayer with piercings that i've seen at this point. i could talk a lot about him because he is probably the nicest person i have ever met and also really punk rock. i somehow managed to find his account on the ACen forums, so i hope i can talk to him.

6) brett. who sam and i have decided is the most attractive person we've ever met (who's not famous). he could be Andrew Garfield's twin, seriously. he cosplayed as Dead Pool. we somehow managed to make friends with him after i told him that he would make a perfect porn star (highlight of my LIFE).

7) SLENDERMAN. oh my god. sam was looking for a Slenderman cosplayer to take a picture of ALL DAY. there were tons on friday, but she never got a picture. so, we finally found one about twenty minutes before we left. and we got a picture. and then he started following us. in character, and everything. and when we ran, he fucking chased us. trust me, looking behind you and seeing a hyperrealistic Slenderman chasing you is just like in your nightmares. 


1) the depression. there was hardly anyone there. most people were hungover or asleep in their rooms from the rave. some were hungover and just lurking around, looking half-dead. a lot were checking out of the hotel. and all of the people who weren't one of these were just depressed that the con was over (like sam and i).

2) brett pt 2. he was still super cool and super hot today.

3) (lack of) mike pt 2. he said that we could hang out more today but i was only there for a few hours, since we had a four hour car ride and sam had to be home for her brother's graduation. i never saw him, so he probably wasnt even out of his hotel room by the time we left at 1. sighsigh, but once again, i'm hoping to get some confidence and send him a message on the ACen forums.

4) the (lack of) sleep. we went to bed at about 1:45 last night. i woke up at 4:23 a. m. joy, joy.