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i can see summer on the horizon

 i have eight days of school left (i should have nine, but i'm taking next friday off for Anime Central). eight. i can make it eight. i hope. 

i had my science final yesterday and my social studies final today, and got a 100% and a 99%, respectively. i'm so relieved, because i was really worried, even though i've never really done bad on tests in either of those subjects. i'm just glad they're out of the way, though. 

i also had to do my demonstration speech today to prove that i have adequate public speaking skills and also can properly show how to make brownies. i think that turned out really well, too. 

so, eight days. math final. poetry book. powerpoint about life in the 20s. and finishing my clock in wood shop. i've got this down. 

and now i shall turn on SelfControl and some upbeat music and get to beta'ing.