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so! i'm assuming you're all just as excited as me about the fact that fob streamed their new album today. i may or may not have illegally downloaded the entire thing despite that i already pre-ordered it on itunes and that i'm planning to get a physical copy, too. woops.

->The Phoenix. man, who DIDN’T fall in love with this song the first time they heard it? it was the second new fall out boy song, and yet it’s the one that made it really click that this is happening, that they’re back. it’s such a great song and just ugh it shows patrick’s vocal range so well. it’s so intense and so unlike anything fob has done and yet it’s still so fob, y’know?

->My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light ‘Em Up). this is the song that will forever live in our hearts as the first thing fob released once coming off of hiatus. seriously, even if you don’t like it AT ALL, it’s still special to you. even if you (like me) think that the fact that they hired 2 Chainz to come burn records with them was stupid. it’s a good song overall- not the best on the record, but not the worst. and it’s one that they play on the radio a lot and even though that might make you think, “oh now it’s going to be MAINSTREAM and i have to HATE IT,” you’re still happy because it’s so exciting to be just driving along and suddenly the song that brought your favorite band back from hiatus is playing and that just makes your day. i’m speaking from experience.

->Alone Together. ugh. what a beautiful song. the first out of the newer ones, and thank god for that. i just want to scream the words from the top of a building or something. it’s also the song from the album that, for the full duration of it, makes my head scream, “YOU’RE HURTING MY HEART.”

->Where Did the Party Go. one of my least favorite tracks. this whole album is by far more pop than anything fob has done before, but this song is probably the one that shows that the most. it’s not a terrible song at all, it’s pretty good, just nowhere as good as some of the other tracks. it really is, true to its name, a party song. it’s really catchy. it’s just not my favorite, and one of them has to be the bad one, right?

->Just One Yesterday (Feat. Foxes). one of my two favorite tracks off the album. this song is just as gorgeous as Alone Together. i haven’t actually seen that great of feedback on it, though? nothing negative, but it just didn’t stand out to anybody else, i guess. i really want to learn it on guitar, now. i really like the chorus. and it's seriously just so sweet and acoustic-y and... wow.

->The Mighty Fall (Feat. Big Sean). cue sighs. i kind of maybe absolutely hate Big Sean, so i wasn’t very happy with this track. i kind of just want straight-up patrick vocals. it just made the song SO MUCH LESS serious. something i do like: the line “two is so much lonelier than one.” classic pete.

->Miss Missing You. my other favorite off of this album. dear god, is this amazing. the reason this song means so much to people is pretty much because of the line “the one you’d take a bullet for is now behind the trigger.” now, this can be taken two different ways, and both of them seem likely to be thought up by pete wentz. it could be thought of (in a LITERAL sense, i’m NOT getting into pete’s metaphors here) as the person you love the most shooting YOU, or it could be taken as that person shooting THEMSELVES- either way, they’re the one behind the trigger. in the first, it’s like betrayal, and in the second, it shows how you love somebody so much you’d do anything to save them... except you can’t save them from themselves. ponder, ponder.

->Death Valley. this song doesn’t stand out as much to me, but after i made myself go back and listen to it over and over again to write this review: damn. seriously, patrick, you have range- range like no motherfucker knows (points to you if you know what this is from). seriously, it’s really good, and patrick makes those amazing deep-voiced growly sounds and that makes me feel lightheaded. wow.

->Young Volcanoes. why, WHY is this the second-shortest (by one second) track on the album? in the few days since this was released early, i’ve listened to it more times than MSKWYDITD. i also have it memorized and i am in love with the lyrics and the freaking beat, oh my god.

->Rat a Tat (Feat. Courtney Love).
i’m not even going to go into details on this. by far the worst song on the album- and that’s so unfortunate. i honestly believe that, without Courtney’s talking and terrible vocals, this could have been great.

->Save Rock and Roll (Feat. Elton John). this is the perfect closing song. fob clearly knows EXACTLY what they’re doing here. man, this song broke some hearts. this was probably the song with the best feedback, and it earned it, for sure. so damn beautiful, and the first time i listened to it, i was ACTUALLY crying. no joke. there were tears streaming down my face as i thanked whatever higher deity there may be that fall out boy is back, that fall out boy exists, and that fall out boy was here for me in my worst times. this is what that song is, and it really makes the album despite being so different from the rest of it.

in conclusion: it's so much different than classic fall out boy. it's not as good as Infinity on High or Take This to Your Grave. tons of people hate it. tons of people think fall out boy are selling out. this band is getting tons of hate and losing fans from this. and that's why it's so good. it's called fucking save rock and roll. save the music business before it all goes to waste. it's about doing something that nobody else does, because you want to- because THAT is what makes it rock and roll.

love, love, love. 

((unrelated: i sent my letter out to gerard this morning and now i am terrified and wishing that i hadn't. also, stoked for the new paramore album coming out tomorrow!!))